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Receiving lawful permanent residency in the United States is a great achievement. However, there are several things you must do even after your application is granted. An experienced immigration lawyer can simplify the process and make it easier for permanent residents to maintain and extend their status.

Removing Conditions On Permanent Residency

The law office of Maniatis Law PLLC, in Nashville, Tennessee, helps clients throughout the United States complete all the steps necessary to obtain and keep permanent residency based on marriage and other grounds. For those who obtained their permanent residency based on marriage to a U.S. citizen, there may be an extra step in your process that you should not forget about. For spouses who have been married for less than 2 years at the time of application, their permanent residency will be approved on a “conditional” basis. Those who have conditional residency will be issued permanent resident cards with a “CR1” designation on the card and are valid for only 2 years. Before the 2-year period expires an additional form must be filed.

Form I-751 Petition To Remove Conditions On Residency

You must file to remove your conditions on residency no earlier than 90 days prior to the expiration of your status. If you do not file before your card expires then your status will terminate and you will be referred to an Immigration Judge for deportation proceedings.

  • Jointly Filing Form I-751: Both you and your spouse must jointly sign Form I-751. You must also submit new proof that your marriage is genuine and was not entered into solely to become a permanent resident. Your attorney can assist you in preparing the necessary “Bona Fide Marriage Evidence” that will be used to support your application.
  • Waivers Available: If your spouse refuses to sign Form I-751, you and your spouse are now divorced, your spouse is deceased, or you were subject to domestic abuse by your spouse, then there are waivers available to get around the joint-filing requirement. However, you have the burden of proof and must submit sufficient evidence to prove your claim.

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Founding attorney Matt Maniatis is dedicated to his clients’ success. He understands immigration laws and procedures, and how to navigate the confusing U.S. immigration system. He will work hard to complete the necessary paperwork accurately and completely, meet filing deadlines, and complete every step as quickly as possible. Mr. Maniatis and his staff at the firm are open and honest, communicate promptly, and keep clients apprised of all important developments in their cases in a timely manner.

The team at Maniatis Law PLLC follows direction from clients and encourages clients to speak openly and honestly about their circumstances and histories to better help them obtain immigration relief.

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