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Client Testimonials and Reviews

Maniatis Law PLLC is a client-focused firm that strives to outperform and go beyond what will simply get the job done. Great customer service and high caliber legal representation has led to outstanding reviews by former clients.

5-Star Service

“Mr. Maniatis is an amazing lawyer, and his incredible team assisted me with my immigration case. They were highly professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated from start to finish. My lawyer’s understanding of immigration laws and experience made me feel confident throughout the process. They took the time to listen to my concerns, answer my questions, and explain everything clearly. The team supporting them was fantastic. They were friendly, efficient, and kept me updated promptly. Their communication skills were impressive, and they showed genuine care and empathy. Thanks to their exceptional efforts, my immigration case had a successful outcome. I highly recommend Maniatis Law to anyone in need of immigration legal services. They are truly outstanding. Thank you for everything.” – Naroth

“Matt is a great immigration attorney! Knowledgeable, responsive. I highly recommend Matt to anyone when dealing with immigration!” – Yana

“My experience with Attorney Matt Maniatis was excellent. My case was a complicated one but he did an amazing job. My husband and I are so grateful. Everyone in the office was so helpful and provided amazing service. I thank you for everything you’ve done for us.” – Karen

“Feels like I’ve been working with Mr. Maniatis for years!! Been a pleasure working with him and very pleased with our outcome. Not only just Mr. Maniatis but the entire staff at the firm are a pleasure working with. Everyone is so inviting, courteous, friendly and professional!! I will continue to do business with this firm and will recommend Him to anyone and everyone that asks me for attorney recommendations!! Thank you again to everyone at the Maniatis Law Firm, you are all Spectacular!!!!!” – Stephen

“I would like to thank the entire staff of Maniatis Law firm for helping us with our immigration case. The Maniatis Law firm have a very knowledgeable and caring staff. They are truly a law firm that cares about the individuality of each case and of each person involved in the case. Matt Maniatis is an attorney that will have you well prepared to present your case to USCIS so that your case will proceed seamlessly from the beginning of filing your paperwork all the way to the immigration interview. For those of you who are getting ready as a sponsor or an immigrant for an immigration case just be mindful, diligent and respectful of the time and the process that it will take to finalize your case gather all the information you can to prove that you have a truthful and lawful case and the Maniatis Law firm will do everything on their behalf to achieve your goal. I would personally recommend the Maniatis Law firm for all of your immigration needs.” – Richard

“Totally will recommend attorney Matt Maniatis! Resolved my fathers drivers license renewal issue that we were having in Illinois due to a ticket in Tennessee that was not even my fathers ticket. I am just amazed in how in as little as 3 weeks from when we had our consultation, he resolved the issue. He communicated very well and responded quick to my messages. Thank you again!” – Sandra

“Awesome lawyer I been using his services for 12 years. He helped my brother and other friends with their immigration problems.” – Randy

“My husband and I had an absolute pleasure working with the Maniatis Law firm for our case. They were extremely responsive from day 1 with our questions, as basic as they were, and the staff is fluent in both English and Spanish so they are more than capable of helping on your immigration case. They are incredibly recommended in my opinion!” – Rubén

“Everybody is very professional especially Ms. Claudia she constantly was in communication with me via email and phone calls. Sense the very first call they gladly responded every single of my divorce questions. Love the fact they speak Spanish and we was able to communicate better.” – Jahaira

“I hired Matt for my immigration case. He and everyone at his office were very knowledgeable and great communicators! They were quick to reply to emails and kept me updated every step of the way.” – Carissa

“Matt Maniatis helped me with a criminal case in Tennessee. I appreciated his honest advice. The case was concluded in a way that exceeded my expectations. I chose this firm because he works with immigration cases (even though mine was not immigration related). The fact that he is helping those type of clients speaks a lot to his character. I believe he truly wants to help his clients and like I said before, he was able to help me through a criminal case. I’m lucky to have found him and it seems like he has broad knowledge of Tennessee law. The receptionist, Claudia, was also very helpful and I appreciate her help throughout the process. All I can do is thank God that they were there for me in such an uncertain time for me.” – Alan

“Excellent service! I thank God for choosing Matt Maniatis to represent me in the judicial process, he is a great lawyer, I felt confident throughout the process. I will recommend him to anyone who needs help. He provided exceptional service, respect and professionalism, Thank you Matt!” – Lisbeth

“Matt Maniatis is a very knowledgeable and personable immigration attorney. Once he takes on a client’s case, they can be confident that he will give them the attention to detail service that is unique to their individual case. He can explain in a clear and concise manner, all of the steps involved. Being bilingual, Matt was able to communicate effectively with us in Spanish and English. We would highly recommend him for any immigration needs that you may have.” – Teresa

“Mr. Maniatis has provided an excellent service regarding my determination of marriage. I felt safe entire process and transaction. Thank Mr. Maniatis and Maniatis Law team.” – Takahiro

“After tremendous research, we found and consulted Attorney Maniatis and his office to take on my husband’s residency case. Being completely honest, Attorney Maniatis has been nothing but wonderful to work with. He always kept my husband and I in the loop about the status of his case. He definitely made sure our application was strong from the very beginning & never dropped the ball. With his & God’s help we couldn’t have done it; now my husband is a United States resident & we could not be more thankful. My husband and I absolutely recommend Attorney Maniatis for all your immigration needs!!” – Ashlie

“The best Lawyer I have ever had , he saved my butt many times and he is someone who is down to earth and doesn’t treat you like a client more like family! Thank you Matt, looking forward to work with you again in future!” – Feroze

“Excellent efficient service very friendly 100% recommended God bless you Thank you very much Maniatis Law PLLC” – Brenda

“The best lawyer for immigration issues in Nashville….I trusted my case in his hands, and it wasn’t easy, my first green card after the wedding was a success … but when I came back to him to start the second one I was already divorced … He accepted it with all the professionalism … and finally I already received my new green card for 10 years … I just wanna say thanks for the dedication and responsibility with me and my son…. … I highly recommend … very affordable price….” – Shirley

‘They are the best in Tennessee!!! Simply they solve all my problems just when I thought it was impossible.” – Yhonattan

“Mr. Matt Maniatis was very professional, smart, and supportive during my interview. Matt is a 5-Star lawyer. Will recommend him to anyone needing assistance…” – Efosa

“Trustworthy, competent and reliable. Highly recommend!” – Heather

“I enthusiastically recommend this law firm. They are very professional and are committed to giving their clients the best possible representation. Their competitive edge is their experience where and when it counts the most.” – Randall

“Matt Maniatis is a very knowledgeable and personable immigration attorney. Once he takes on a client’s case, they can be confident that he will give them the attention to detail service that is unique to their individual case…” – Michael

“I had a great experience with this law firm! They were helpful, experienced and professional.” – James

“I really recommend for you coming to this law firm . They are one of the best lawyers Nashville. They helped with many situations and could help you too!” – Cosme

“The professionalism and tenacity displayed by Mr. Maniatis, Esq. was exceptional. Mr. Maniatis got us justice.” – Michael

“Excellent attention, responsible, serious, professional, reliable, fully dedicated to their clients, I recommend them 100%.” – M.N. (2020)

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Service was phenomenal and the process went by fast and smooth.” – Annette

“Very knowledgeable, courteous and understanding!” – Z.K. (2020)

“Excellent service !!!! Impeccable and great knowledge, security that allow guarantee. I am very satisfied !!! Very efficient. Thanks.” – A.C. (2020)

“Matt Maniatis is a great lawyer. He guided me and provided professional service for my case. He is especially good in the case where you need a lawyer with immigration & criminal expertise at the same time. Thank you Matt!” – D.T. (2019)

“I was very happy with Mr. Maniatis’ representation of my son in court. Felt confident throughout the process that all my concerns will be addressed and questions answered. Matt is very knowledgeable, professional, and punctual. I would definitely recommend Mr. Maniatis as an attorney for immigrants. You need to know the nuances of Law when it comes to being an immigrant vs. US citizen!” – D.T. (2019)

“It is a good place to do your paperwork of anything I am very satisfied with your service people with experience and I am very happy and comfortable with this place.” – P.V. (2019)

“Thank you. I am grateful that they could represent me in my case and keep me informed step by step. And of course I will recommend them in the future. Thanks for your honesty. Matt God bless you.” – J.B. (2019)

“The services that were provided were exceptional including power of Attorney and Medical Power of attorney and helping with handling of estate. I would not hesitate to use their services again.” – R.W. (2019)

“Very grateful for the representation and professionalism of Matt Maniatis.” – Z.E. (2019)

“Mr. Matt Maniatis was very professional, smart, and supportive during my interview. Matt is a 5-Star lawyer. Will recommend him to anyone needing assistance. He provided exceptional service in terms of mock interview before the scheduled date and document review. God bless you Matt.” – E.O. (2019)

“These lawyers truly work for you. I practically did not do anything. I quoted with 4 lawyers before hiring them and here they gave me the best price and in Spanish. The first consultation is paid but it is worth it because they gave me payment facilities. In my case, it was my migration papers. I recommend it.” – C.C. (2019)

“Excellent lawyer ! Everything went perfect ! Highly recommended.” – N.B. (May 2019)

“He maneuvered my future wife and me through the government roadblocks and overcame obstacles that allowed my immigrant wife to come here legally and stay to ultimately become us citizen. I would recommend Matt and the firm for all of your immigration needs.” – R.R. (2019).

“Phenomenal representation, very respectful to the client.” – R.S. (2019)

“This law office is not only very professional, but also makes you feel welcome. They greet you with a smile and with respect and so you do not feel intimidated. If you have any questions, they are willing to help you. 100% recommended!!” – J.N. (2019)

“I received nothing but the utmost respect and professionalism while seeking legal assistance from this firm. I not only highly recommend them, I implore anyone to seek their assistance!” – B.K. (2019)

“A perfect combination of professional and zealous legal representation. I highly recommend this firm.” – C.R. (2019)

“Mr. Maniatis knows his stuff! Highly recommend.” – C.W. (2019)

“The most professional and trustworthy attorneys I’ve ever met. Their legal team will give you the best service and you will leave the office with a sigh of relief.” – B.C. (2018)

“The staff were very patient and helpful. I felt like I received more than my money’s worth. I highly recommend them to anyone needing legal help.” – R.B. (2018)

“Great hard working attorneys along with their professional working staff. I refer their office to all my family, friends, and co-workers.” – R.B. (2018)

“I had a child support issue that needed resolution. Matt answered all my questions, gave me important issues to consider and kept me updated at every step. Thank you!” – S.L. (2018)

“Dedicated and knowledgeable attorneys in Nashville, they are both very caring and interested in resolving your matter, I highly recommend them.” – M.E. (2016)

“This firm represented me for my divorce. It was a difficult process because my ex did not want to cooperate. Mr. Maniatis walked me through the process and stayed in contact me to keep me posted. I was represented well. Would recommend and use again!” – D.M. (2016)

“I hired Matt Maniatis for a very difficult divorce case. I was leaving the state and there was a child involved. Matt represented me like no other attorney had represented me before. We won this case. He was always there for me thru the whole case. I would hire and recommend Mr. Maniatis to anyone who wants to win their case.” – R.C. (2016)