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Attorneys Providing Family Law Mediation Services

Mediation is a way to settle your case without rolling the dice and leaving it up to the judge. At Maniatis Law PLLC in Nashville, you will have a mediator guide you through this process, helping each party clarify the issues, consider the options and reach a workable agreement that fits everyone’s needs. This is not court, and the mediator does not decide your case, but facilitates each party to reach a consensus.

The mediation:

  • Lets the parties decide for themselves what is in their best interests
  • Explores creative solutions to the problems
  • Promotes cooperation among the parties
  • Is an informal setting
  • Is confidential

The mediator:

  • Will remain impartial throughout the process
  • Does not give legal advice
  • Is not a judge
  • Will not decide the dispute
  • Will provide each party the ability to express his or her interests

Once an agreement is reached, each party’s attorney will be able to review any and all written agreements before their client signs. After the signatures, the parties may not even need to step foot back in court. To explore this option to settle your case, give the Nashville family mediators at Maniatis Law PLLC a call.

Benefits Of Mediation

A litigated divorce can be a headache, thanks to never-ending court appearances and fierce battles over critical matters. Mediation is an appealing alternative to tense traditional proceedings since it keeps participants in the driver’s seat and lets them set the pace and tone of their divorce. Some of the chief benefits of mediation are:

  • Amicability
  • Affordability
  • Confidentiality
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility

Mediation as an affordable alternative to litigation merits further mention. Litigated divorces, especially those that are contentious and drawn out, tend to be expensive. By contrast, mediation is faster-paced and has fewer attendant costs, thus making it easier on the wallet.

Mediation can offer participants additional benefits as well. Reach out to our Tennessee divorce mediators to learn more about these.

Exception For Domestic Violence

Divorce mediation is not a viable option for everyone. In Tennessee, there are restrictions on mediation when domestic violence is a factor. Mediation is inappropriate in this scenario unless:

  • The victim agrees to it
  • The mediator has specialized training that allows them to protect the victim
  • The victim is allowed to have a party at the mediation, like an attorney, who can provide them with support

Victims of domestic violence should consult an attorney before agreeing to mediation. With professional help, they can determine whether they can proceed with it safely.

Contact A Tennessee Divorce Mediator

We are ready to represent you if you are seeking divorce mediation services in the Nashville area. We have attorneys who are fluent in Spanish and can provide Spanish language mediation services. You can schedule a consultation with us at any time by calling 615-649-6812 or by sending us an email.