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The field of family law encompasses many aspects that affect the family unit, including divorce, child custody and support, modification of divorce orders, and adoption. When conflicts arise that involve family law matters, some people are hesitant to work with an attorney because they are concerned about the cost and private nature of the issues at hand. They may use “self-help” remedies they find online to address their disputes.

Taking this approach can be costly. Without a legal background, individuals who represent themselves risk agreeing to less-than-favorable terms that harm their future interests and may negatively affect their loved ones. In the end, failing to retain a qualified lawyer can create long-term financial and personal hardship.

Using Vast Legal Knowledge To Promote Your Interests

When families in Nashville and Middle Tennessee need solutions for complex family law issues, they contact Maniatis Law PLLC. As a full-service law practice, our attorneys can assist you with complex issues, such as how your immigration status affects family law issues such as divorce, child custody and support. When you retain us, you know that our lawyer has the knowledge and skill set to protect your well-being.

Mr. Maniatis advises clients on the best strategy to pursue for these issues:

  • Divorce and property division: Planning for divorce helps to create beneficial outcomes and limit legal fees. Even in uncontested divorce matters, it is wise to retain an attorney to address issues that appear to be straightforward but are actually complex. When estranged parents seek to separate or dissolve their marriage, they need to submit custody and support agreements before the court will finalize the agreement. An attorney can streamline these procedures.
  • Child custody and child support: Defending child custody rights and receiving fair child support can be problematic for unwed parents. Our lawyer assist with matters related to paternity and contempt for unmarried clients. We help our clients develop detailed parenting plans so that future conflicts can be avoided. Regardless of your immigration status, our lawyer are here to protect your rights.
  • Post-judgment actions such as modifications and enforcement: The court recognizes that life changes after divorces are granted. Our firm represents parents seeking post-judgment modifications to child support or child custody. When parents fail to follow the terms of their agreement, our lawyers are licensed to file petitions for enforcing the order.

While our attorneys are gifted litigators, they regularly mediate disputes. Mediation is often a less expensive, more efficient legal option that produces mutually acceptable resolutions. Whether you choose to litigate, mediate or negotiate conflicts, you can be certain that our firm will strive to secure the best results according to your circumstances.

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