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Protecting Your Future When Facing Drug Possession Charges

Simple drug possession charges typically just mean that someone was caught with illegal substances on their person, in their home or in their car. Common illegal drugs that lead to possession charges include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines and prescription painkillers.

At Maniatis Law PLLC, we offer strong defense options for our Davidson County, Tennessee, clients who are facing possession charges. Remember that even a first offense for possession of something like cocaine could then lead to 15 years behind bars. There are also aggravating factors that can play a role and potentially change the charges – for instance, depending on the amount of product you have, you could be accused of drug trafficking, drug distribution, intent to distribute or other related charges. We offer the defense you need in this situation.

Can Drug Charges Impact Your Immigration Status?

Yes, if you are an immigrant who is facing drug charges, a conviction on drug possession charges can have an impact on your status.

You may find it more difficult to adjust your status if you are seeking a green card or citizenship. You could even be deported, depending on the specifics and the charges you face. Additionally, if you have a work visa or an education visa, a drug charge could cause you to be expelled or fired, meaning that you would no longer satisfy the conditions of your visa and you could be deported.

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