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Who qualifies for political asylum?

People seeking asylum find themselves in a fragile legal situation. There's plenty of uncertainty surrounding the laws in addition to the fears of trying to secure a place of refuge. It's important to understand that legal transitions often take time and cooperation from everyone in order to proceed.

Perhaps you or a loved one are fleeing your home country and need help obtaining asylum. Making an emergency exit certainly takes courage, strength and faith in a better future. Here is how the U.S. legal system is currently handling immigrants seeking asylum.

New Law allows Permit-less Carry of Firearm after Order of Protection

If you've been granted an Order of Protection against someone for domestic abuse, stalking, sexual assault, or other ground, a new law enables you to lawfully carry a firearm without having a handgun carry permit for a limited period of time. 

Law Enhances Sentences for Undocumented

A new Tennessee law gives judges the power to increase the severity of the sentence for criminal defendants if they are undocumented immigrants. If you or someone you know is undocumented, continue reading to understand more about the impact of this law.

Can "No Trespassing" signs keep out Police?

You may wonder if "No Trespassing" signs can legally keep out police and other law enforcement officers. What if law enforcement finds something incriminating on your property after disregarding your "No Trespassing" signs? Recently, the Tennessee Supreme Court answered this question. 

Una Nueva Prueba Sobre Si Una Orden de Registro es Válida

La Corte Suprema de Tennessee ha presentado una nueva regla para determinar si una orden de registro es válida. Si usted ha sido acusado en un asunto criminal, esto puede afectar si la evidencia que va a ser usada en su contra puede ser suprimida. Continúe leyendo para aprender más.

La Terminación de los Derechos de los Padres es Aclarada por la Corte Suprema

La Corte Suprema de Tennessee presento recientemente una resolución que aclaró lo que los jueces deben mirar cuando se presenta un caso ante ellos intentando de poner fin a los derechos de los padres sobre un niño. Si tiene un caso de terminación de derechos, o desea saber más sobre sus derechos, por favor siga leyendo.

New Test on Whether a Search Warrant is Valid

The Tennessee Supreme Court has issued a new rule to determine whether a search warrant is valid. If you've been charged in a criminal matter, this can affect whether the evidence to be used against you can be suppressed. Continue reading to learn more. 

Termination of Parental Rights Clarified by Supreme Court

The Tennessee Supreme Court recently entered a ruling that clarified what Judges must look at when a case is brought before them attempting to terminate the parental rights over a child. If you have a termination of rights case, or want to know more about your rights, please continue reading below. 

Visas Para Las Victimas del Crimen

Si usted es la víctima de un crimen, usted podría ser elegible para solicitar una visa sin importar su estatus migratorio actual, y aunque le hayan ordenado deportación, o si es inadmisible por cualquier otra razón.

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