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Challenging Traffic Violations In Court

For most families, reliable transportation is vital to their financial stability. Workers who are unable to get to their job consistently may get fired and lose their income. However, when employees choose to drive without a license or drive on a suspended license, they risk more than their jobs.

When motorists are pulled over and charged with these violations, they may receive a misdemeanor conviction, resulting in a fine and possible jail time. For nonlegal residents, this offense has even more serious repercussions: Possible deportation and separation from their families.

For years, Maniatis Law PLLC, has assisted Middle Tennessee drivers charged with a variety of offenses, including DUI; driving on a suspended, invalid or revoked license; and driving without a valid license. Matt Maniatis uses his expansive understanding of criminal law and immigration law to create aggressive defensive strategies for U.S. residents, immigrants and nonlegal residents.

These Offenses Can Lead To A License Suspension

Drivers can have their licenses suspended for a range of driving or nondriving offenses such as:

  • Failing to pay child support payments
  • Receiving a drug conviction
  • Receiving a DUI conviction
  • Reckless or careless driving
  • Fleeing the scene of a car accident
  • Failing to pay a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) fee or fine
  • Altering drivers’ license or license plates

Mr. Maniatis is a skilled trial attorney. He understands criminal laws and state legal procedures. As your advocate, he will defend your rights in court in order to get your license reinstated and get your fines reduced or dismissed.

If you are a nonlegal resident or immigrant charged with a traffic violation, our lawyers are qualified to create a defense against deportation and represent you in court. Having practiced immigration law and criminal law extensively, our attorney knows how to navigate the complex procedures that may determine the outcome of your case.

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