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Securing Modifications And Enforcement Orders For Child Custody And Support

After a Tennessee family court judge signs a final decree of divorce, the terms of the child custody and child support arrangements become court orders. With this designation, these agreements become official and can be enforced by the court if they are not followed.

As most parents know, however, it is not possible to anticipate the future. Unplanned circumstances arise, children’s needs change and other life-altering events make it necessary to revise the original custody or support order.

Attorney Matt Maniatis has helped thousands of Tennessee families resolve complex family law matters efficiently, while promoting their clients’ best interests. When you choose to work with Maniatis Law, you benefit from his ability to streamline complex procedures and adapt strategies according to your individual concerns.

It Is Crucial To Obtain A Court-Ordered Modification

Filing the required petitions and making a case in court to modify an agreement takes money and time, which is why some parents forgo these steps. They may believe that if they can agree on the modification of the agreement outside of court, they can limit their legal expenses and accomplish the same goal in less time.

It is a mistake to rely on a former spouse’s compliance with an out-of-court solution because it is not enforceable. Should your former spouse violate the terms of your new agreement, you will have no legal recourse. The old order remains in effect until the appropriate process is followed. If you wish to modify or enforce the terms of your child support or custody order, you need to obtain a new order from the court.

Helping You Protect Your Parenting Rights And Receive Fair Support

Whether you are an unwed parent or a non-U.S. citizen, you still have parenting rights. If you need to change or enforce the terms of your agreement, Mr. Maniatis can help. He regularly represents parents for modification matters that include:

  • Modifying custody orders to support or defend against relocation
  • Modifying custody orders due to suspected child abuse, drug use or other criminal charges
  • Modifying support orders due to a change in salary
  • Modifying support orders to unexpected health care needs

Should your former spouse violate either custody or support order, trial lawyer Matt Maniatis will vigorously defend your rights in court. Mr. Maniatis has an established record in securing back child support payments for our clients. He has also used the law to hold parents responsible for violating the terms of their parenting agreements.

Don’t Rely On Your Former Spouse To Respect The Terms Of An Unofficial Modification. Contact Maniatis Law To Take Appropriate Measures.

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