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President moves to further restrict immigration

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2019 | Immigration |

Tennessee residents likely know that those who cross the border may have the right to seek asylum or other legal status. If a child crosses the border into the United States without a guardian, that child generally has the right to make an asylum request to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services . President Trump is looking to put an end to the special status that unaccompanied minors currently have.

It would be rescinded for those who turn 18 or are reunited with their parents prior to applying for asylum. The new policy would take effect on June 30, and a representative of the USICS says that it would simply be a return to how the law was enforced in 2009. It is also said to be intended to dissuade children from attempting to make the journey to the United States. Tens of thousands of teenagers without guardians have been apprehended at the border since October 2018.

According to an individual from Kids In Need of Defense, it is not always a good idea for them to file for asylum right away. President Trump says that this and other rules are simply loopholes to help migrants get into the country. In addition to the new guidance, the president has announced plans to introduce a tariff on goods coming from Mexico in an effort to slow migration.

Individuals who are in violation of immigration rules may be detained or selected for removal from the country. However, it is possible to seek legal status or to resolve any issues that may cause the government to seek deportation. An attorney may help an individual obtain asylum or permanent resident status in the United States.

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