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Avoid risking your right to stay in the country

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Immigration |

Securing the legal right to live in the United States is no easy feat. Any form of temporary legal status is fragile. The threat of deportation is always there.

What can you do to reduce the chance of deportation?

Here are some ways to reduce the chance you have to worry about a deportation order.

  • Keep your documentation current: Ensure your documentation reflects your current address. Be sure to let the authorities know if you move. Keep an eye on any upcoming renewal dates. If your green card or visa to stay expires, the police or immigration authorities will look upon it badly. Allow plenty of time for delays when renewing.
  • Avoid situations where you could be arrested: Consider carefully before joining any mass gathering. There is usually an increased police presence, which makes arrest more likely regardless of what you are doing.
  • Stay within the law: It is easy to pick up convictions for small things such as a broken taillight or forgetting to pay a parking fine. Minor offenses do not give sufficient grounds for deportation. However, a collection of them could help convince a judge that you are not the kind of law-abiding citizen they want to stay. Some major offenses are severe enough to see you deported on their own.
  • Know the limits of your visa: Ensure you stay within the restrictions your visa imposes. If you are here on a tourist visa, hoping to apply for the right to stay and work, you could ruin your chances if caught working illegally.

The rules surrounding immigration can be complicated. Misunderstanding them could risk your right to stay. Seek legal advice if you are unsure about anything. Retaining your status is far easier than getting it back after immigration authorities have taken it away.