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Do immigrants feel safe and secure in the United States?

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2020 | Immigration |

Throughout American history, it has been portrayed as a haven for immigrants. Once thought of as the “New World,” it is a country where the vast majority of the inhabitants are either immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. That’s always been a part of the story in America, and it continues to this day. 

But have things changed? You would think immigrants would feel safe and secure in a country with that type of history, but do they? 

They often do not, at least in recent years. One student, a 25-year-old man, claimed that he has “never felt safe” since around 2016. Despite having legal protection for his status, and despite being in school and simply seeking to better his life as many, many immigrants had done before him, he felt anxious and worried all the time. 

Another woman admitted that America had given her and other immigrants so much, but she said this had happened “even though we are afraid to live here.” She was working as a housekeeper and felt enough concern to have her name changed when making that comment. 

What do they worry about? Arrests. Deportation. The end of their own American dream. These are the types of things that cause them stress. 

If you’re an immigrant and you’re thinking that this is now how it should be in the United States, make sure you understand your legal rights and the options you have. You may have legal tools that can help you feel more safe and secure, protecting your future and reducing stress. It’s all about understanding what steps you need to take in 2020.