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Divorcing as an immigrant? Get the right help

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Immigration |

You immigrated to America when you decided to marry your American husband. Everything seemed amazing from that moment until now, but he has suddenly asked you for a divorce.

You are worried because your child is American. You don’t want to be sent out of the country or to have to take them to a place that they don’t know. You’re worried that your immigration status could change as a result of your divorce and leave you in a difficult position moving forward. 

Regardless of your status, it is important that you get the right information about how to protect yourself during a divorce. You should also be concerned about your financial situation, child custody arrangements and other factors that will change your life after your separation. 

Before you will be able to fully divorce, you’ll need to decide how to split up the time with your child. You must agree on custody and support before the court will finalize the agreement. If you can’t agree, your attorney can help you streamline the process and negotiate for a fair outcome.

If you’re worried about property division and being left with little following the divorce, you shouldn’t be. Though Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, that doesn’t mean that your spouse will get everything. Your attorney can help you fight for fair treatment and to receive a fair amount of assets. You may also be able to ask for spousal support and other financial payments that will help you as you begin to live on your own.

Our website has more information about divorcing when you’re an immigrant. It can be a complex situation, but there are solutions for every kind of problem.