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ACLU accuses immigration agencies of setting traps

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | Immigration |

Immigration has become a hot button issue in Tennessee and the rest of the country. Now the American Civil Liberties Union is claiming that federal immigration agencies are coordinating efforts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to facilitate deportations of individuals seeking citizenship through marriage. According to documents related to a class-action lawsuit being filed by the ACLU, officials are setting “traps” that violate the constitutional rights of immigrants attempting to become legal citizens.

An ICE spokesman has called allegations of inappropriate coordination between various Department of Homeland Security agencies “unfounded.” The ACLU claims that immigration regulations established by the previous administration are still in effect. These rules allow immigrants with spouses who are U.S. citizens to remain in the United States while they go through the process of getting their green card.

The federal government is seeking to have the ligation dismissed. Government officials contend that the federal district court does not have jurisdiction over such matters. According to an ICE officer, they receive a list from USCIS of immigrants who have either been ordered for deportation or re-entered the country illegally. Interviews with these individuals are then scheduled with ICE agents present so an arrest can be made. The ACLU has filed similar class-action litigation previously in an attempt to stop the separation of immigrants from U.S. spouses.

With situations involving arrests or deportation attempts, an immigration attorney can review the circumstances involved with the case to determine if there are any violations of existing regulations or rights. If there are issues involving an attempt to separate an immigrant from a legal spouse, counsel may attempt to stop deportation efforts or pursue legal action if certain rights may have been violated.