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Who qualifies for political asylum?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2018 | Immigration |

People seeking asylum find themselves in a fragile legal situation. There’s plenty of uncertainty surrounding the laws in addition to the fears of trying to secure a place of refuge. It’s important to understand that legal transitions often take time and cooperation from everyone in order to proceed.

Perhaps you or a loved one are fleeing your home country and need help obtaining asylum. Making an emergency exit certainly takes courage, strength and faith in a better future. Here is how the U.S. legal system is currently handling immigrants seeking asylum.

Eligibility for asylum

The basis of eligibility for asylum approval depends on the threat of persecution from a home country. This could be due to factors that include a person’s race, religious beliefs, identifying with an outcast social group, political stance and more. In order for asylum to be granted, there needs to be substantial proof of the claims you are making.

Asylum application process

Obtaining asylum safety starts with the application of U.S. asylum. Part of the application process is providing additional statements from other witnesses, verifiable facts and more to prove your situation meets asylum criteria. You must apply for asylum within the first year of arriving into the country. Applicants are able to petition through the application process for family members as well. Children under 21 years of age may be included as long as they are unmarried.

Anytime there are complications in the legal process, it is helpful to have an experienced legal representative at your side. The laws may change and make the process more sensitive to following legal protocol. There is greater hope for securing asylum when legal support and other resources surround you and your loved ones.