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ICE in Nashville

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2017 | Immigration |

There are Nashville ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents in Nashville. The Enforcement and Removal Office (“ERO”) is in charge of arresting and detaining non-U.S. citizens subject to deportation. We met face to face with ICE ERO and learned what tactics they are using in their day-to-day operations. Read more to find out.

ICE Agents in Court

ICE officers have stated they may be entering courtrooms in the future to look for certain wanted individuals. If you are undocumented, you should understand your rights and be advised and accompanied by an attorney while in court.

ICE Agents in Jail

ICE officers receive information about non-U.S. citizens from local jails. If you are undocumented, your prior immigration or criminal history can have an impact on whether ICE is notified. You should be prepared with the advice of an attorney about your particular situation to try and maximize the liklihood you are released. This is especially true while going through booking or trying to post a bond.

ICE Agents on the street

There is always the possibility of encountering an immigration agent on the street. It is important for you to know what information you need to provide, and what you can withhold, when speaking and interacting with the police and ICE. Get proper legal advice and have your attorney’s information ready for such a moment.


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