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Proving "Good Moral Character" when applying for U.S. citizenship

One of the many things U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services reviews when you apply for citizenship is what's termed "good moral character." Several things can bar you from showing good moral character, such as a criminal record, failure to pay taxes or child support, or admission of unlawful activity. While some convictions do not automatically bar you, some convictions bar you permanently and others for a period of 5 years. If you have a conviction barring you for 5 years, you must wait at least 5 years before applying, but even then immigration officers have discretion to review your entire past in determining whether you have good moral character.It is important therefore to have an attorney assist you in preparing supporting documents to show your good moral character. This can be things such as education degrees, employment licenses, letters of recommendation, and evidence of community involvement. An attorney will also be needed to draft a legal memorandum in support of your claim of good moral character. Immigration law is constantly changing and the experiences of other individuals may no longer be relevant to the current policies. If your application is denied, you must wait an additional 5 years before reapplying. If you have questions or plan on applying for U.S. citizenship call the attorneys at Saenz & Maniatis, PLLC at (615) 366-1211.

Policy impacting immigration rates

During the fiscal year 2017, there were 748,746 people granted permanent residence via family-sponsored immigration programs. Family migration is the most common way that people get green cards in Tennessee and across the country, but proposed changes might alter the focus of immigration policy, which has been based in employment and family reunification.

How marijuana use can affect citizenship applications

Immigrants in Tennessee who want to become U.S. citizens should avoid any contact with the pot industry, even if it involves going to states where it is legal. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a policy alert on April 19 saying that purchasing or selling marijuana at shops that are state regulated can indicate a lack of "good moral character."

AG ruling could keep asylum-seekers in detention centers

Tennessee residents may be interested in learning about a new precedent that could impact thousands of asylum-seekers along the Southwest border of the United States. Attorney General William Barr would like asylum-seekers who start in expedited removal and then are transferred to full removal procedures to not be discharged on bond.

Judge issues injunction against policy on asylum-seekers

A federal judge has blocked implementation of the latest Trump administration order intended to block the flow of asylum-seekers from Central America. Many people in Tennessee and across the country have raised alarm about the policy, which aimed to force asylum-seekers to stay in or return to Mexico to await processing of their claims. The administration pursued this policy against people seeking asylum despite the fact that these migrants are generally fleeing violence or persecution in their home countries.

Highest court rules in favor of government

Tennessee residents are generally entitled to due process if they are charged with a crime. However, immigrants who have been released from custody may be detained without a bond hearing. This may be true even if the immigrant was detained months or years after being released from custody. That was the decision that the Supreme Court made in a 5-4 vote favoring the federal government.

Expanded version of DREAM Act introduced in U.S. House

On March 12, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a new, beefed-up version of the DREAM Act. If passed, the new version of the bill would offer U.S. citizenship opportunities to a larger group of immigrants living in Tennessee and around the country than the original version did.

H-1B workers' spouses could be denied work authorization

Some foreign employees of Tennessee companies may face hard choices after a regulation was proposed that could end employment authorization for the spouses of employees in the country on H-1B visas. The spouses of these visa holders are currently issued H-4 visas, which allow them to work as well. H-1B visa holders are highly skilled or technical workers who are sponsored to come to the United States by their employers, and they often pursue permanent residency in the United States. Their spouses can also work, a program that allows these families to support themselves.

Detalles sobre la inmigración familiar

La unificación familiar es un principio importante. La categoría de inmigración basada en la familia permite a los ciudadanos y a los residentes legales permanentes de los Estados Unidos llevar a ciertos miembros de la familia a dicho país. Es así como, las personas que han sido solicitadas en base al grado familiar son admitidos dependiendo de su parentesco o relación con los ciudadanos estadounidenses o a través del sistema de preferencias familiares.

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