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April 2019 Archives

AG ruling could keep asylum-seekers in detention centers

Tennessee residents may be interested in learning about a new precedent that could impact thousands of asylum-seekers along the Southwest border of the United States. Attorney General William Barr would like asylum-seekers who start in expedited removal and then are transferred to full removal procedures to not be discharged on bond.

Judge issues injunction against policy on asylum-seekers

A federal judge has blocked implementation of the latest Trump administration order intended to block the flow of asylum-seekers from Central America. Many people in Tennessee and across the country have raised alarm about the policy, which aimed to force asylum-seekers to stay in or return to Mexico to await processing of their claims. The administration pursued this policy against people seeking asylum despite the fact that these migrants are generally fleeing violence or persecution in their home countries.

Can you seek child support as an undocumented resident?

Whether due to a divorce, separation from your partner or more, you may find yourself in the position of seeking child support payments from your child's other parent to adequately provide for your child. Child support payments are meant to assist children by providing the resources they need to grow and develop.

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