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Cambios en la calculación de pensión alimenticia infantil

Transferencia de bienes con propiedad conjunta

Changes to Child Support Calculation

There have been some recent changes to child support calculation in Tenneseee, with some more on the way later this summer. If you're looking at the possibility of owing several years in child support, or seeking to collect child support, these changes could have a huge impact on your obligation. 

Transferring Ownership of Jointly-Owned Property

Transferring property rights can be a complicated affair, especially when the property is owned by more than one person. Always consult with an attorney before transferring property to someone else. Otherwise, you may find out you've given up a key aspect of ownership. Read more to find out.

Reubicación con niños después de un divorcio

Relocating with children after a Divorce

After a parenting plan has been put in place by a Judge, there are certain steps that need to be followed if one of the parties desires to move more than fifty (50) miles away or out of the state. The Tennessee Supreme Court has recently clarified each party's rights and obligations when desiring to relocate. 

Mediadores de Ley Familiar en Nashville

Nashville Family Law Mediators

Mediation is way to settle your case without rolling the dice and leaving it up to the judge. A mediator will guide you through this process, helping each party clarify the issues, consider the options, and reach a workable agreement that fits everyone's needs. This is not court, and the mediator does not decide your case, but facilitates each party to reach a consensus.

Divorcio Contencioso en Tennessee

divorcio-gemelos-mellizos-trillizos.jpgUna vez que se ha presentado una demanda de divorcio, y la otra parte es notificado(a), la parte demandada tiene 30 días para presentar una respuesta a la demanda respondiendo a cada una de las declaraciones y alegaciones contenidas en el mismo. Si ninguna respuesta es presentada, un fallo en rebeldía (default judgement) puede ser solicitado por el/la demandante. Una vez que una respuesta es presentada, la demanda finalizara de una de estas maneras; con la destitución de manera voluntaria, por acuerdo de ambas partes, o después de un juicio ante un juez.


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